About Running in the USA

What We Are

Running in the USA is a directory of links to running and multisport races and clubs. We only show in our directory, what we can prove that we know. We prove what we know by providing links to the race or club information. We are not associated with the races in our directory. We will only include in our directory what we can find reasonable proof of online somewhere.

Where We Are

Running in the USA is one website with 2 web addresses:
www.runningintheusa.com and www.usa.run

Our Directories

We have divided our site into the following directories. Each can be searched in a number of different ways.

Classic Races

Classic Race Directory includes traditional running events: road races, trail races, relays, track meets and stair climbs.

Multisport Events

Multisport Event Directory includes events that have a running component and a traditional non-running sport, typically biking and/or swimming: triathlons, duathlons, aquathons.

Variety Runs

Variety Run Directory includes events that combine running and another activity.
Running Tours - running and site-seeing.
Adventure Races - scavenger hunts, orienteering, scrambling, and things that don't fit in the other categories.
Obstacle Runs - run courses with any number of obstacles.
Mud Runs - obstacle runs with mud
Novelty Runs - color runs, bubble runs, high heel runs, beer runs, zombie runs, donut runs, eat a burrito run, flavor runs, inflatable runs, etc.


Club Directory includes running and multisport clubs.

Who We Are

We are Bill and Mary Flaws (husband and wife) and we live in Waukesha, WI. Mary is an avid runner, and Bill is sane. Mary does the website programming. Bill takes the pictures that are featured on the home page. We work many many many many hours scouring the internet, maintaining the information in the directories. This is our full-time life work. We don't have other jobs.

We also enjoy Geocaching
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Bill and Mary Flaws