Race Directory Submittal Guidelines

Criteria for event

  • Includes a running component
  • Has some sort of registration
  • Has some sort of designated course (route, laps or checkpoints)
  • Has enough info online to appear to be legit.

We do not allow

  • Walk Only
  • Bike Only
  • Bed Races
  • CrossFit (if someone begs, and it really has an actual run, we'll allow it)
  • Fundraising Teams (ex. Team in Training at the Chicago Marathon)
  • Training Programs, camps, clinics, etc.
  • Running Merchandise
  • Other Marathon Weekend activities (pasta feed, expo, post race party)
  • Private Events - a run just for some company's employees
  • Collective series listing: We will list each event separately, but if there is something for registering for the entire series, we do not list that.

Event Types

  • Run
  • Trail Run
  • Kids Run
  • Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Youth Triathlon
  • Indoor Triathlon
  • Aquathon
  • Stair Climb
  • Track Meet
  • Running Tour: organized run past historic sites
  • Track Meet
  • Adventure Race
  • Mud Run (with or without obstacles)
  • Obstacle Run (no mud)
  • Novelty Run: color runs, foam runs, bubble runs, eat a burrito run, donut run, shed clothing as you run, beer run, wife carry, high heel dash

Links We allow, and order of preference

  1. Official Race Website: http://www.mycoolrace.com
  2. Friendly Race URL: http://www.organizer.com/MyCoolRace/
  3. Ugly Race URL: http://www.organizer.com/kljlk34lk3j4lj3l42h34h3jhk2?_eventid=83429832ajiuiwe
  4. PDF Flyer
  5. Organization Home Page with mere mention of the event
  6. Timing/Organizers race listing or calendar page
  7. Facebook page
  8. Registration page
  9. Last resort - a race directory site (like ours or competitor) that lists the race. ONLY allowed if contact information is available

Links We Do Not Allow

  • Links to any document file other than a PDF. (.docx, .doc, .xls, .wps, etc)
  • Nude races that have pictures. Fortunately, most do not. Ick when they do.
  • Pages that require a login - (exception: we do allow Facebook pages).
  • Registration pages that have no landing page, they immediately dump you into registration process without showing you what you are registering for. (ex chronotrack is notorious)

Race Names Guidelines

  • DO NOT type in all caps. All caps means you are shouting. No one likes being yelled at.
  • DO NOT include year specific information such as Third Annual, Inaugural, 2020, etc.
  • DO NOT include superfluous events: and Chicken BBQ, and Family Fun Fest, and Pancake Breakfast, and Car Wash, and Basket Weaving, and Goat Toss
  • DO NOT include 'benefiting' or 'presented by'. (unless the race is only known by who its benefiting, or doesn't really have any other name... but take out the word 'benefiting'... so '5K Run Benefitting Homeless Hamsters' should just be 'Homeless Hamster 5K'
  • Do NOT include sponsors (generally). They are allowed when the race is known by the sponsor name and doesn't really have another name. ex Amica Marathon
  • DO NOT include every event distance in the race title. When its a 5K and 10K, its fine to include both. When its a marathon, half marathon, relay, kids race, 5K, 10K, 1 M fun run... just say 'Marathon' and call it good. Include them in the events, they will be listed on our site below the name
  • If a race is part of a series: Series Name - Run Name (or city)
    Color Run - Toledo
    NMTC Fall Trail Series - Pine Valley 5.5K
  • If a race has 2 names, separate parts by -
    Butterfly Run - Kathy Miller Memorial 5K

  • Include enough words so that we don't end up adding it twice with 2 different names.

Race Date Guidelines

  • DO NOT enter a new event for subsequent years. Wait until the event happens, and then update the race date. Example: Even though we know the future dates of the Boston Marathon for the next 10 years, we do not add separate listings for each year. We update the Boston Marathon the day after it happens to have next year's date.
  • If a race spans 2 days, put in the start date. (like for 100 milers)
  • If a race has multiple events on different dates, enter separate races for each date that has events. Example: North Face races have 50M, 50K, marathon on Saturday, and half marathon and 10K on Sunday. Create 2 separate listings for the respective dates, include the respective events for each listing.

Multiple Dates - Multiple Races - Race Series - Franchise Races

  • If you have a race with multiple dates (same name, location, events, and distances), and they can all be found in the same place, just submit the first one, and use the Additional Dates box. We'll enter the rest.
  • If you have a race series, (different names, locations, events, and distances), you can submit this as a series. Give us a link where we can find a list of races included in that series, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • If you have a large list of franchise races (color runs, foam runs, mud runs, glow runs, electric runs) all over the country, email Webmaster Mary and get special instructions for submitting these in a way that makes life easier for both of us.

Descriptions For Races

Descriptions for races. We now allow a description, up to 200 characters, for races. The Description will be displayed on the Listing Details page. This is intended to provide information about the actual event... examples:
  • Beer relay - each participant chugs a beer and then runs one lap on the track
  • Stair climb - how many flights, or steps
  • Last Man (athlete) Standing events - how long the lap is, and what the starting intervals are
  • Novelty runs - bubble, foam, scavenger hunt, look for clues
  • Adventure races - checkpoints or other logistics
  • Canicross - let people know what this is